Multitude of Benefits in a Single Solution

Key Benefits

More than an employee file

Replace your employee files with GHR Employee Information Manager to ensure complete data at your fingertips anywhere anytime. Capturing new information of the employee has never been as easy as by simply creating a new field, hence there is no limitation.

Organize common facilities

Sometimes managing common facilities such as Meeting Rooms, Company Vehicles or recreation facilities could become ardent whilst GHR could help you to manage it more effectively. You could allow employees to make reservations from the system or assign an individual to manage the feature. Using this function employees, could see the schedule of the particular facility and ensure it is free for them to book or arrange their plans based on the availability.

Self Service Portal

Employees can be facilitated to have access to their own information such as leave balance, payslips, goals, documents etc. You could also communicate to your employees the company policies, news, company calendar, notices etc. as and when required. Through this powerful tool you can certainly improve organization communication and save time and effort.

Alert Manager

This is an interesting feature of the system that automatically notifies of any important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays, expiry of documents or events such as Visa, passport, license etc. The system could give timely alerts accurately that could help you to plan yourself in advance. Furthermore the system could notify not only the employee’s information but also their spouses and children's birthdays and other important dates.

ERP integration

A guaranteed seamless integration to your existing ERP solution. All the payroll data can be transferred to a format that is acceptable for your ERP solution. Hence, there will be no duplication of the entire process. Responsibilities can be assigned clearly between finance and HR departments for an effective functioning.

Bring Focus to employees

Focus is quintessential in today’s context especially when there is a multitude of distractions hovering around. It is quiet challenging for employees to focus on their core activities with other responsibilities and doings. As a result overall productivity of the company disintegrates while the employee feels disconnected within one's own self. GreenHR is designed to support employees to be in focus of their primary goals and objectives so that they could measure and evaluate themselves. This kind of transparent approach is a sure way of bringing a win-win culture to the organization and the employees.

Employee Retention

Cost of loosing a good employee could be more expensive than you could imagine. Not only you loose a valuable contribution from the employee, but also let go the knowledge, increasing the threat of competitors and giving a wrong message to the other employees.

What if you could identify these priceless employees before hand and ensure they are treated well so that they do not have a need to look elsewhere. Furthermore how about engaging them to the company? With GreenHR's talent management tool, HR and the management team could get a visibility towards your important employees and create a static career path for them. The system could also suggest training requirements for certain employees to ensure they are capable of handling their tasks well and are in preparation for more challenging role.

Centralised Management

If you are group of companies and stressing how to consolidate all the HR activities across the group, now you have a solution! With GreenHR's multi-legislative, Multi-company and multi-currency tool, you could centrally manage your group irrespective of the location on the globe. You could even run your payroll centrally for each division and get a consolidated view across the group.

Pay As you Go

Sometimes it is a challenge to allocate a budget for an HR system, when the organization is in dire need to focus on revenue generation. Hence GreenHR is made feasible for you to reflect on the cash flow. No hardware cost, no software cost, no maintenance cost. Just subscribe, and start using from day one. HR solution had never been easy to start, before!

Instant access to attendance

As a responsible manager you will be required to manage your team’s presence, whereabouts and have them on time at office. With GreenHR you could access your team’s attendance information from anywhere you are. Irrespective of the number of departments you are responsible for, dashboard is a vital tool that can be at your fingertips. Furthermore, GreenHR could also notify the employee and the manager in case of late attendance thereby, encouraging transparency and helping to manage Time efficiently.

Multi Legislation

It is an enormous task to manage a group of companies that has subsidiaries across the globe. You may have a challenge in adhering to each legislative requirement of the respective counties. Thanks to GreenHR's Global Payroll and configurable structure, you could cater to all and any legislative requirement comfortably.

Paperless office

Say good buy to bulk employee files and piled up printed forms! With GreenHR you could maintain any form of information and retrieve/share at any time you need. In-built document management system would work as a virtual document shelf where you could also maintain version controls to make it more convenient for the users. The configurable Workflow Engine would help to replace any manual forms and attachments and send it through the approval flow that you wish within the organization

Dynamic workflow engine

Enjoy the flexibility of approving an employee’s request for e.g. leave, expense claim, recruitment request etc while you are on travel or on the move and you could apply for the same any time from anywhere. This is the power GreenHR could bring to your work culture. Easily configurable Workflow Engine could ensure any request to be automated plus setup a dynamic approval flow that can be set-up to your requirements.