About GreenHR

GreenHR is a cloud based HR solution that will engage and empower employees to build competitive organizations that are constantly achieving desired goals. GreenHR can easily be configured to meet the requirements of any business, be it a multi-national conglomerate or a budding start-up. By combining the power of Social HR, Mobility, Workflows and a new level of Analytics, GreenHR provides your organisation a new dimension of competitiveness to your HR strategy!

We apply innovation not only in technology but also in the way we provide services to our customers. Our service philosophy is developed based on best practices around the world to make sure optimum satisfaction and ROI.

Sustainability in the cloud.

At GreenHR, we measure our success not only in financial terms, but also by how we operate in the community and environment. We are committed to reducing—and whenever possible, eliminating—any negative environmental impact while benefiting the communities in which we live and work.

Our sustainability efforts focus on the environmental, social, and economic issues that help create and sustain long-term success for all. To enjoy a healthy economy that fosters human potential, we need to sustain a healthy planet as a foundation for our economy.

Our approach to environmental stewardship focuses on the impacts that are most material to our business as a cloud software company. These include our carbon footprint, investments in renewable energy, reducing and responsibly disposing of our e-waste, and engaging with our employees to maximize their collective impact on how we operate.

The cloud is green.

GreenHR's multi-tenant cloud architecture helps customers reduce business costs and carbon footprints by centralizing server processing, optimizing energy usage, and eliminating redundant equipment. GreenHR's data centres are optimized for processing, energy, and cooling efficiency

Non cloud Options

As a proof of our flexibility and reliability of the solution, we have given the option for the clients to use the solution in house, but still benefit the subscription model or go for an outright purchase.

Our Values!!!


We strive to deliver excellence in what we do. We always leap an extra mile to exceed customer expectation. Our aim is to make every customer a "reference customer". We believe our hard work will always pay us back.


We promise only what we can do. We keep our commitments to all our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers and employees.


We believe in freedom to be more creative and innovative. We facilitate freedom to our customers through our solutions and make ourselves open for ideas and strategic initiatives.


our culture is to respect. We respect others views and time. We highly respect and regard all levels of the organization hence our customers feel the quality in our services across all levels.


As a principle we care for our customers with a deep consideration. We will make sure our customers are given the right products with extra ordinary care. We will stand by our customer at all given times.


Our main motivator is innovation. We bring innovation not only from outstanding products but also with our service philosophy. We believe innovation is the key to assist our customers in order for them to thrive in their own domains.