GreenHR is a cloud based HR solution that will help involve and empower employees to build competitive organizations that are continuously succeeding desired goals. GreenHR can easily be configured to meet the requirements of any business, be it a multi-national conglomerate or a growing start-up. GreenHR provides your organization a new dimension of competitiveness to your HR strategy!

GreenHR Key Benefits

Instant access to attendance

As a responsible manager you will be required to manage your team’s presence, whereabouts and have them on time at office. With GreenHR you could access your team’s attendance information from anywhere you are. Irrespective of the number of departments you are responsible for, dashboard is a vital tool that can be at your fingertips. Furthermore, GreenHR could also notify the employee and the manager in case of late attendance thereby, encouraging transparency and helping to manage Time efficiently.

Centralised Management

If you are group of companies and stressing how to consolidate all the HR activities across the group, now you have a solution! With GreenHR's multi-legislative, Multi-company and multi-currency tool, you could centrally manage your group irrespective of the location on the globe. You could even run your payroll centrally for each division and get a consolidated view across the group

Pay As you Go

Sometimes it is a challenge to allocate a budget for an HR system, when the organization is in dire need to focus on revenue generation. Hence GreenHR is made feasible for you to reflect on the cash flow. No hardware cost, no software cost, no maintenance cost. Just subscribe, and start using from day one. HR solution had never been easy to start, before!

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